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AI Advance

Introducing our AI Advance Program, a comprehensive initiative designed to propel your organisation into the forefront of AI-driven innovation. Our program goes beyond conventional offerings, encompassing a detailed AI business assessment, a curated AI Business Report, a AI Project Management Guide, tailored AI software recommendations, and a transformative AI Training & Workshop experience. Complemented by a personalised follow-up call, AYRES.AI ensures that your journey into the realms of artificial intelligence is not just impactful but also seamlessly guided.

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The Process

This program starts with a comprehensive AI Business Assessment, where our AI specialist analyses your current AI knowledge and infrastructure, delivering a personalised report outlining tailored AI improvements and carefully curated software recommendations. Seamlessly transition into a focused 2-hour AI training workshop, custom-crafted based on specific recommendations, empowering your team with hands-on learning. Ensure a smooth integration of AI advancements into your business processes through the gained insights. Solidify your understanding and address any post-training queries with a dedicated 30-minute follow-up call.


We're Here To Help.

Ask about Plans, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our consultants are ready to help.

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