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Boosting Productivity with AI Tools for Task Management

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Have you found that you, your staff, or colleagues seem to be adding to their checklist faster than they can check items off? Is the to-do list just always getting longer, and a holiday seeming like more of an inconvenience than a getaway?

Well then, the secret to solving these problems: Task Management.

Task management is the process of effectively prioritising, delegating, and executing tasks in a managed, organised fashion. It is being intentional with how you manage your time to complete tasks and identifying ways to assign tasks to increase efficiency.

The ability to organise, prioritise, and execute tasks efficiently and effectively allows individuals to control both their personal and professional outcomes. By implementing effective task management tools and techniques, individuals and businesses can take control of their time, reduce stress, diminish burnout, invest wisely, and unlock full potential.

The Significance of Effective Task Management

In the fast past world, we live in, successful task management is more important than ever. No matter whether you’re a student, professional, entrepreneur, parent, or just someone who would like a life outside of work, effective task management can mean all the difference. According to many studies in behavioural economics, people are often managing their tasks in suboptimal ways, causing fundamental implications in both personal and professional settings. You may be familiar with suboptimal task management processes, such as just doing the task that seems the most important at the time. One of the most common is the cost/benefit analysis, scheduling tasks based on their relative value.

Effective task management has a world of benefits, but what are the implications of poor task management? Well, from a professional standpoint, it’s all about money. It would be fair to say that every business activity has a cost connected, in task management, people are the biggest cost. Consider this, a high-level project manager on a hefty 6-figure salary, instead of completing key project tasks, is spending their time outside of meetings writing minutes for the meetings where they are already spending hours of their time. Despite being an important, this repetitive and time-consuming task is a major waste of resources (a.k.a. time).

What are AI Task Management Tools?

AI task management tools leverage artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to help individuals and businesses to manage tasks effectively. AI and machine learning offer predictive analysis, intelligent assistance, and automation. These tools assist users to manage and prioritise work, track deadlines, automate routine tasks, and overall be more productive. AI in task management isn’t about getting things done, but largely about working smarter. With highly intelligent algorithms, AI tools quickly understand the different levels of importance, and which need your attention straight away.

Benefits of AI in Task Management

AI is expected to contribute $6.6 trillion into the economy by 2030 purely from increased productivity. Even in 2023 AI has revolutionised countless industries, and task management is prevalent in any workplace.

Intelligent Task Automation

Generating reports, sending reminders to organising data, scheduling appointments, AI algorithms handle the mundane & repetitive activities, allowing professionals to focus on more strategic and high-value work. When going through the list of benefits, consider how much time you spend on minor & repetitive tasks such as scheduling, finding documents, information retrieval, forecasting, cost estimating and risk analysis to name a few.

Smart Resource Allocation

AI can consider task complexity, team capabilities, and project deadlines to suggest more optimal resource allocations.

Predictive Analysis

Through the identification of patterns and trends, AI tools can forecast project timelines, estimate resource requirements, and predict potential bottle necks.

Natural Language Processing

Features such as voice commands, chatbots, and natural language interfaces simplify task assignments, information retrieval, and team coordination to improve efficiency.

Intelligent Document Management

AI tools can analyse document content to identify key information and organise files for easy retrieval. No more kicking yourself because you couldn’t remember what you titled that one document from two weeks ago.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, AI tools can identify performance patterns, track KPI’s, and generate data-driven reports.

Intelligent scheduling and planning

By considering factors such as task discrepancies, resource availability, and individual workloads, AI tools can generate efficient project timelines and task prioritisation.

Case Study: Real-World Productivity Gains

A recent research project conducted by Stanford and MIT found that productivity at one tech company increased by 14% after integrating AI tools such as chat bots. The study is thought to be the first real-world application of AI in the workplace. Over the course of a year, researchers measured the productivity of more than 5000 customer support agents at a Fortune 500 enterprise software company. Measured as issues resolved per hour, tech agents who used AI tools to create conversational scrips boosted their productivity by 14% on average. This improvement was more prevalent in workers considered novice or low-skilled, seeing an increase in productivity at an average of 35%. In some cases, using AI trumped real world experience, with findings showing service agents with two-months experience who used AI, outperforming agents with over six months experience who didn’t use AI. The 12-month study also revealed higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced requests for managerial intervention, and improved employee retention.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

AI integration and productivity truly go hand-in-hand. Businesses are always (or should be) looking for ways to increase ROI, boost productivity, reduce turnover, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance their employee’s wellbeing. AI offers so many solutions to practically every business concern under the sun. Evidence has shown truly how beneficial AI integration can be for a business, but I’m sure you’re about to ask what the catch is. Well, just like any business venture, AI integration is not a one-and-done solution to a business’s problems. It requires strong consideration and professional advice from AI experts to train & educate on methods, ethics, and best practices. Like any resource, if not used in an appropriate manner, it can become more of a cost than an asset.

Enquire with our team today to find out exactly how AI can enhance your business. Receive advice from an expert in AI and quality AI tool recommendations to enhance your productivity.

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